Our hops are grown on standard 18' trellises.  Our hops are available whole cone or pelletized.  We sell our hops to homebrewers, professionals, and use some ourselves.  It's best to call ahead early as we always sell out.  Available by the ounce or pound.


Call the farm for pricing.


This aroma hop is characterized by a dark green elongated cone with a medium strength aroma with very distinct floral and citrus notes, often described as having grapefruit-like character. Cascade is the difinitive hop for American craft brewers, with Alpha Acids between 4.5-7%.


Centennial is a well balanced aroma hop sometimes referred to as Super Cascade.  It has floral and citrus aroma, with Alpha Acids  between 9.5-11.5%.


This variety was released in 1985 as a high alpha acid content hop that ranges between 12-14%.  This dual purpose hop variety is known for its robust spicy and citrus aroma.


Nugget is a high alpha variety, between 11.5-14%, with high yield.  This variety is tolerant to a wide range of soil conditions and thus grows vigorously in all areas.

Northern Brewer

This dual purpose hop was originally developed in 1934 for Scottish & New Castle Breweries.  It has a high alpha content, between 6-10%, and highly popular now in the German Hallertau.