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About WBF


Wicked Bines Farm is owned & operated by Mike & Cindy Noyes.  This adventure started in 2009 when we bought our 1840s farmhouse in Berlin, VT, adjacent to the family dairy farm where Cindy grew up.  Since then we have grown not only as a family farm, but also in the quality organic and all natural products we provide to the local community.


Hops began in 2003 when we started homebrewing.  From 11 original rhizomes, the hopyard is now over an acre in size with about a thousand plants.  We now provide our hops to some of the amazing Vermont craft breweries as well as local homebrewers and tea enthusiasts, .


We were always interested in sustainable agriculture, so we began raising livestock in 2003 at our first homestead in Wolcott, VT.  As our family grew, our farm grew.  Now everything we did as a hobby we do on a more commercial scale.


Wondering about the name of the farm?  Wondering what a "bine" is?  Bines are climbing plants, like hops, that climb by shoots growing in a helix around a support.  So while working in the hopyard one day, our oldest daughter Elena said it was "wicked nice" and the name stuck, and Wicked Bines Farm was born.

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